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Are you near the Shropshire area and thinking about an expansion of your home? An excellent garden room or perhaps a new build? Our construction firm would be pleased to quote.

We specialise in creating lovely structures based around the oak. Whether it’s a dazzling patio or a garden room, carport and obviously a home completely, our team offers quality including relativity, where each part of the venture is taken care of in-house which makes everything hassle free and financially savvy for you, the customer.

The elegance is natural in oak frame construction and it is being rediscovered. Nowadays, oak is winding up increasingly noticeable around Shropshire as a rich element in current yet customarily constructed garages, barns and country houses. We utilize eco-friendly oak timber frames that can be pre-manufactured off-site and immediately erected, additionally adding to the client convenience.

Oak Beams and Grades Explained

Green Structural Oak

It is basically newly cut oak which has been felled in last three to six months. It
has a moderately high moisture content. Therefore, it is prone to shrinkage and as well as movement as drying procedure takes place. Shrinkage and movement are in no way certain, however, it is a smart thought to consider when making your buy. Green oak is totally in charge of the UK’s state homes including ancient dwelling construction (so it can’t be so awful!) and ought to be seen as a characterful option to the air-dried oak for the structural internal use.
It’s additionally ideal for open-air pergolas, horse shelters and a wide range of new form construction.

Air Dried Structural Oak

It is exactly like it sounds, oak dries gradually (around 25 to 40mm every year). It
is a universal rule and ought not to be depended upon, while it depends heavily
on nature in which the oak is put away.

QP1 Grade Beams

These beams have at least three straight edges with the resistance
of a little measure of wane to an edge, (usually every one of the four is totally square) they’ll have only a couple of knots, no redwood, pest damage or other negative attributes. QP1 features everything necessary for the construction industry and thoughtful period property restorers.

What Oak do I require?

Oak is an extremely flexible and strong product, yet picking the right kind of Oak is vital. Searching our site should give you a good knowledge of what items we offer and the ideal products for you. If you are uncertain, call us, and one of our specialists are always ready to help.

What grade do I require?

When you know the type of timber you require, yet not certain the grading you require, we are always ready to help. We will clarify the grading in detail, regardless of whether you requested a specific grade by a designer or searching for something characterful. Our team covers all parts of the grading scale for
customer convenience.

We as oak frame suppliers Shropshire offer the full outline as well as build service, which even incorporates helping you through planning procedure. On the off chance that you arranged this all alone, you will find it seriously imposing your time. At that point, we have the greater part of ancillary trades to take your
venture from an idea to very completion.

Our group has some exceptionally talented, top of the line woodworkers and joiners. Unusual for any timber construction company, our team consists of our own particular bricklayers as well as ground workers. The basic foundations of your venture through to turn-key altogether are dealt with. The last thing you need to do is dealing with various trade companies for your project.

We take pride in consistently excellent workmanship at a competitive price.

We offer an altogether bespoke service, especially to your own particular venture. We have the ability to supply and erect whether it’s a timber frame yard or an out and out oak cruck frame house. We are sure
you will appreciate looking at our site for looking to self-build, expand your home
or simply discover inspiration. Don’t hesitate to reach us in regards to any timber framing whether it’s a plain log store, barn room extension, garden room/office, or an oak framed eco-house.