5 Things You Need to Do Following an Arrest

If you get arrested for any reason, it will be stressful and confusing not just for you but for your loved ones. You need someone experienced and competent to represent and defend you in court. Meanwhile, here are five things you need to do following an arrest.

Get a Lawyer

Ask for the best attorney in Jacksonville FL right away. If you are allowed by the police to make only one phone call, you should call your lawyer, or you call a loved one to get you a lawyer. Seek help on your side as soon as you can. Give enough instructions for your loved ones when they have to seek a lawyer for you.

Stay Quiet

Do not answer questions coming from the police, especially if you think these questions could put you in legal trouble. Do not talk to the police if possible unless you need anything like the bathroom. In any case, tell those who are asking that you need to speak with an attorney in Jacksonville FL first. Remember that if you explain your situation to the police, they may use it against you. Protect yourself and speak only when you are with a lawyer that you trust.

Look for Evidence

When you are with your criminal defense attorney, discuss possible witnesses and evidence. Build your case without wasting time. Your time with the lawyer is limited when you are arrested. Plan out what you need to talk with your lawyer before you see him. The information that you discuss with your lawyer is invaluable in bolstering your case.

Cooperate With Your Lawyer

Trust your lawyer in keeping all your information and conversations strictly confidential. He will never use it against you, or he will lose his license and reputation. Therefore, it is vital that you tell him everything. Communicate with him truthfully and thoroughly, including your thoughts about the case. This is the best way for him to develop the most feasible plan of action.

Post Bail if You Can

If you can, and if it is applicable, you can post bail through the services of a bond company. However, for any decision that you have to make regarding your case, it is best to consult things with your lawyer first. Family and friends may influence your decisions but always seek your lawyer’s advice first.

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Helpful Tips If You Need Criminal Lawyers Jacksonville FL

Criminal Lawyers Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville Florida is a very large city that is spread out over many miles and draws in lots of people from many neighboring states. Since so many newcomers enter the state through Jacksonville, you can expect there too many people who do not follow the laws of the state of Florida. When that happens you’re going to need to find a good criminal lawyers Jacksonville Fl who can defend you.

It can be a very frightening time in your life whenever you have to before a judge when there are criminal charges pending against you. The last thing you want is to fight these charges with a criminal lawyer who does not have your best interests at heart. For the most part, the public defender is not going to do everything can to try and get you exonerated. You are going to need an outside criminal justice lawyer who can defend your rights and look for ways to help lessen the charges against you.

A criminal case is a serious situation that should never be taken lightly. With so many different laws on the books, a good criminal attorney in Jacksonville should be able to guide you through a proper strategy that will end up saving you a lot of money plus jail time. After all, the goal here is to minimize the sentence with possibly no jail time at all and also a small fine.

Finding the right criminal lawyers in Jacksonville is very important since they are the ones who will be presenting your case in front of a judge. A good criminal lawyer also knows when it is best to take a plea deal and when to go to trial. In some situations, you may have to put your blind faith in your lawyer to help you decide which outcome is in your best interests. Keep in mind there are no guarantees when going to trial, and even the best criminal lawyer in Jacksonville can misread a case. You may end up in jail if that’s the case.

You can always look online to find out who are the best criminal lawyers in Jacksonville and hire one of those. Although they may be quite expensive, if you do have the money it is worth it because it may just keep you out of jail. Remember these tips if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of being charged in a criminal complaint.