How To Find Reliable Cabinet Painting Durham Contractors

Painting your cabinets isn’t as easy as it may seem. Although you may believe you’re perfectly capable to do a great job, chances are you’re only going to make your cabinets look even worse. The best thing to do is to outsource this job to experts who have both the skills and the tools to do a proper job.

Finding reliable cabinet painting Durham services is easy, provided that you know what to look for in such a contractor. First of all, you need to make sure the team you’re going to hire has a wealth of experience with projects that are similar to yours. This is easy to check, particularly for those contractors who showcase their work portfolios on their websites or on their business pages. Speaking of business pages, they are very important, as they belong to local cabinet painting Durham contractors. Google, and all other search engines for that matter, can detect your geographic location with very good accuracy, in order to adjust your search results to match your actual position. This means you’ll get many results belonging to businesses in your neighborhood. These companies are better than global ones, as cabinet painting is a job that can’t be done remotely. You can’t expect anyone to travel from NYC to Durham to paint your cabinets, that’s for sure. That’s why you need to stick to local results.

cabinet painting Durham

After you find some painters in your neighborhood, it’s time to take your research one step further and to check their work experience and their background. You should find these details on their websites. You’ll also find enough photos of their best projects, so you’ll be able to rule out all those who don’t live up to your quality standards.

The most difficult task will be to assess their reliability. There’s one way to do this, which is to ask their other clients about their own experience with those specific painters. Professional contractors will be happy to provide you with the contact details of some of their other clients. The ones who refuse to share such information are probably not as good as they claim.

All these being said, you now have enough information to make your choice. The last step is to ask all the painters on your shortlist to send you their quotes on your project. You can safely choose the least expensive of them and proceed to refresh the look of your old cabinets.