Selling a House: Clean the Carpets with Chemdry

My house has been on the market for some months, and it hasn’t been moving at all. There’s been a little bit of interest, but for the most part, people come out and tour the place and then never come back.

My real estate agent told me that she thinks a big part of the reason for this is the old carpeting in the halls and bedrooms. She suggested either removing or replacing it in order to help the house sell better. However, both of those options are expensive and I don’t particularly want to pour a bunch of money into new flooring just to get rid of the house.

The next option she suggested was to try and have the carpets cleaned. It’s a lot cheaper to clean carpets than to pull them out, and it can make them look years newer. I decided to call Chemdry and get a quote on how much it would cost me to have them come out to my house.

I went with Chemdry because I want to have as many showings as possible with interested potential buyers, which meant having the carpets dry as quickly as possible. Their process uses the least amount of water, which meant the carpets were dry faster than with other carpet cleaning companies in the area.

I was very pleased with the results. They were able to remove the majority of the stains from the bedrooms. The hallways carpeting looks brand new. The only spot the technicians couldn’t deal with at all was where my son spilled grape juice on his floor right in front of the window. I think I’ll put a little decorative area rug over that. Otherwise, the whole house looks years newer.


I would absolutely recommend having your carpets cleaned to anyone else trying to sell a house. Old, dirty carpets are a major reason why potential buyers move on to other listings. Dingy carpets make your whole house seem less appealing; potential buyers may not even consciously realize that it’s the carpets they object, they just won’t like the house.

My realtor was impressed with my results too. She decided to host another open house while the carpets still look so fresh and sparkling. Hopefully this time I’ll get lucky and the right buyer will walk through my front door. I’m more than ready to sell this house! Maybe nicer-looking carpets will be just the thing.