Finding The Best Summer Camps NYC Has To Offer

Every child looks forward to summer vacation. It’s a time for young minds and bodies to be exercised and a time when new friends are made. However, for parents, the challenge of keeping children entertained during this period can sometimes be a source of anxiety and stress. However, in NYC there are numerous options to keep the youngsters stimulated in a constructive way – and among the most popular of these are the summer camps in the area. So what are the best summer camps NYC has to offer kids who love nature and the outdoors?

For kids with an interest in nature, the ‘New York Botanical Garden Summer Break Camps’ is an ideal opportunity to get in touch with their inner biologist. Instead of stuffy classrooms kids are given the opportunity to explore and learn about varied ecosystems such as wetlands and forests. They will also learn how to harvest and cook natural ingredients, as well as express themselves through art.

The Bronx Zoo Summer Camp is another opportunity for the kids to get up close and personal with some of the fascinating creatures that call the zoo home. Keepers and other professionals will be on hand to guide and help eager young minds find a new appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. Another program which many children will find attractive is the ‘Little Zoo Vets’ where kids get to shadow the zoo’s vet as he goes about his daily business.

The Queens Botanical Garden Camp is a treat for those kids who want to experience just what it is like to plant and harvest the fruits of the Earth. The program also gives kids insight into the ideas of sustainability.

Summer need not leave parents pulling their hair out – with the best summer camps NYC has to offer kids and parents get to really enjoy summer.