Amazon A+ Content Designers

Amazon has a list of brand registered sellers. These sellers make the most of strategic image and text placements to improve their product’s value proposition. But, they don’t do this on their own. We have been one of Amazon’s top-rated agencies in the USA offering end to end Amazon store management services, and we know how this game works. These brand registered sellers seek help from Amazon A+ Content Designer to improve their sales by increasing traffic and conversation rates.

Amazon’s EBC Enhanced Brand Designers


Amazon EBC is a premium feature that allows registered sellers to edit product description pages using imagines and texts branded from ASINs. This feature also allows you to answer customer queries or frequently asked questions so that potential customers don’t have to think twice before purchasing your products. We used this service, and it worked wonders for us.


However, you need to do this before you go live. It is better not to indulge in any editing process while your store is active. Take your time and edit the product descriptions so that there are lesser chances of customers returning your products.

Working with designers


The benefit of using Amazon’s EBC is that you don’t require experience and knowledge of designing a product webpage. We did not know what to do with EBC when we first opted for it. However, the designers helped us in every step to ensure that we got accurate product descriptions. They are some of the most experienced web designers who have a clear understanding of how the texts, fonts, and images should look to improve the overall appearance of the products.


The only catch about using Amazon’s EBC is you should be one of Amazon’s brand owners. This means you need to pass the brand registry process from Amazon so that it distinguishes you as a private seller and not some regular resellers. The brand registry process comes with several advantages. First, you will automatically qualify for EBC. Designers will only ask for your registration number to proceed. Second, your brand will get a live registered trademark. This ensures that your company is authentic and is not using the name of any other seller.

What it costs


Considering the benefits of this service, you would want to know how much it costs so that you can set your budget accordingly. Well, we got a shocker when we became registered sellers. This service is free for all registered sellers for the time being. Although there are speculations that Amazon will eventually charge sellers for this, it hasn’t until now. We couldn’t believe that our brand would become so popular in so less time, thanks to Amazon’s EBC designers.


Just because this is a free service doesn’t mean the designers won’t pay detailed attention to your product pages. They listen to your queries, company policies, and other information before starting their work. You won’t have any complaints against them once they finish. Yes, they are so perfect! It is hard to think that you don’t have to pay anything for a useful service like this.

Why you should get Amazon EBC


Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have to know about web design techniques. If you are one of those who have a limited budget but want to make your brand popular, this is the best chance you have. Instead of hiring web designers and paying them hundreds of bucks, become a registered Amazon seller and make the most of EBC. The designers will come to your rescue whenever you want to edit or change a product’s description. Try it, and you will not regret your decision.