Comparing Traditional Schools to Montessori Jacksonville FL Has to Offer

When it comes to grade schools, up until the high school level, there are various modes of education that a parent can choose. Traditional education and Montessori education are two of those modes. When we compare traditional schools to Montessori Jacksonville Fl has to offer, Montessori schools have a distinct advantage.

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, developed the Montessori method. It is a method that focuses on the child rather than on the teacher. Here are some reasons why the Montessori Jacksonville Fl has to offer may be better suited to you:

1. Montessori education is child-centered.

When you think of traditional education, think of desks and chairs facing a blackboard. The students face the blackboard, and the teacher teaches the students using the board or other materials. The student is expected to stay in his or her seat and pay attention during class. This is a teacher-centered from of education. With Montessori, the focus is on the child and his or her independence. The set-up of a Montessori classroom does not feature desks and chairs facing a blackboard. Instead, you will find learning stations that the child is free to visit on his or her own with guidance by the teacher or teachers. It is an open setting that fosters independence and a sense of freedom while focusing on education without strict time limits.

2. Montessori education encourages self-discipline.

With traditional education, a teacher is there to ensure each child follows the rules that he or she has laid out. The teacher explains the assignment, and the child does the task. But with Montessori education, because it fosters independence, it is up to a child to develop the self-discipline, with the gentle guidance from the teacher or teachers, to learn and succeed.

3. Most Montessori education is private.

Although there are approximately 500 public Montessori programs in the United States, most are privately run. For parents who prefer a private education and are not opposed to paying tuition, Montessori education may be ideal for you and your child.