3 Frequently Asked Questions After a Plane Crash Incident

Plane crashes are fatal incidents that have taken the lives of many people over the years. Whether the collision is caused by neglect on the part of the airline or the plane manufacturer, it involves many people and lawsuits. To understand aviation accidents better, here are some of the frequently asked questions answered by plane crash lawyers.

“Do I Have Legal Rights After the Crash?”

If there has been an injury or a fatality in the case of an aviation accident, you can file a lawsuit against parties who are responsible for the accident. With this lawsuit, you can be given money to pay for the damages that the accident has brought. Some of the parties that may have legal responsibilities in a crash include airport operators, air traffic controllers, weather services from the government, airplane maintenance provider, aircraft manufacturer, aircraft owner, pilots, and airlines.

To know which of these parties are the responsible ones, a judge from a lawsuit can order for an investigation. Insurance providers can also conduct their research on the incident. Local and international flights have different ways of handling cases, depending on the rules that apply.

“How Much Can I Get from the Lawsuit?”

Although it can vary depending on the case, most plaintiffs get fully compensated for the financial loss if the defendants are ruled to be liable. You can also get paid for your lost earnings and the suffering you have gone through. In case you do not survive the crash, your spouse can file for an award called ‘loss of consortium.’

To know how much exactly you can get, you have to know first the jurisdiction and details of the accident. In other cases, you can get additional amounts aside from economic support. There are also cases when you can file for punitive damages.

“When Should I Contact an Attorney?”

Before contacting an attorney, make sure to prioritize your health and safety first. Attend to your injuries well or mourn for the loss of a loved one before contacting a lawyer. But you must also remember that states or countries also impose lawsuit application deadlines. According to the Montreal Convention, you have two years from the date of the accident to apply for a lawsuit. However, the time may be hard to determine so that consulting plane crash lawyers would be better.

You can also sue government entities if they are proven to be responsible for the accident. But keep in mind that suing the government can also mean shorter deadlines.

Once you have decided to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties, make sure that you are adequately backed by an experienced lawyer to be compensated appropriately. Consult plane crash lawyers today to know about your rights.