How to Find a Corporate Video Production Company

Nowadays, companies have stepped up their game in successfully marketing their objectives, products, and services through corporate video production. Corporate video production uses the power of creative video storytelling and incorporates the showpieces your business has. To do so, finding a good video production company is essential.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a video production company:

Video Production Company Profile

When looking for a company to produce your videos, they should have a website or a page where you could check their previous outputs. Take the time to watch the videos they made and look for specific details. Their video outputs would convey a lot on their attention to details and their abilities as a video producer. Also, take note of the video elements they use, such as live or stock footages, titles, voiceovers, music, graphic design, animation, green screen, or other SFX. Think about your video preferences and if the company could deliver what you want.

Another thing to look for is the client review section. Go to their website and check for listed testimonials or go to their Facebook page to see reviews and recommendation rates. Check for the comments on the videos they have posted. If the company has done a good job on the video content, then there must be plenty of happy customers and good reviews.


The video production company you’re looking at should also be good at communicating with you. See to it that the company clearly understands your goals and that they are asking the right questions about your product or service. Their ideas and suggestions should also be in line with your brand or business profile. If so, then your video production company would be great in putting your message and intentions out there—on screen.

Video Production Allowance

Corporate video packages are almost available in every video production company. Rates would depend on what type of videos you would want to produce and how much your company allocates for it. If the company is looking for something that has a shorter-lifespan such as for social media, then it may not cost that much. However, if you’re going for something that is staying on your website (e.g., tutorial videos) or something that will be used for years, then you might want to invest a decent amount on this.